Glasses Cards & Corks

Hand painted Glasses Cards and Corks with Original Artwork.

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Glasses Cards & Corks

All of my original, hand painted glasses can be put in your dishwasher on the top rack. My cork ornaments are made from recycled corks. The angel cards come with matching envelopes. They are blank on the inside and each card measures 8.5” x 5.5”. All cards fit well in standard size frames. Every angel has a matching angel bookmark and these bookmarks are 8.5” x 3.0” in size.

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"I drink out of my fish glasses every night. I just dropped and broke one of them and need you to send me a replacement immediately. My special, hand painted glass is part of my summer ritual."

Mary Ann Holston

"Thank you for the card. Your 2019 angel looks great - love the purple!"

Father Damian

"I was so thrilled to get your amazing angel cards in the mail yesterday, I was hoping for one and couldn't believe you sent me five. I am so impressed with your extraordinary talent and you have given me a nudge to possibly pursue an artistic endeavor."

Fran Tamara

"Enclosed is the framed "Angel Anne" plus the magical story of it all. I and my family are ever grateful. It truly brought a sacred, heavenly "Presence of our dear sister, Anne, and will FOREVER remind us that "she" and you gave us a true Christmas miracle. I hope that Our Lord allows you to continue earning the highest of "Angel Wings" - on our earth and eventually, one day, all your goodness will be celebrated in the Paradise Promised to those who follow His Word and path. May God bless you and yours at every turn. Thank you for your sweet, inspiring painting. It is now a treasure from heaven."

Lucy Knapp


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